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How this grassroots endeavor for Law Enforcement Agencies began:   In 2006 when I became aware of the conduct of Child Predators on the Internet that is exposing ALL innocent Internet users to charges of possession of child pornography (and this includes YOU) I devised the legally required solution (Operation Take Down) a grass roots endeavor to assist Captain Dave Hudson and Lt. Wayne Barrs of Volusia County Sex Crimes Unit of the Sheriff's Department in Daytona Beach, Florida (386) 736-5961.  When they did not respond;  I initiated this of my own accord and solicited endorsements from Law Enforcement Agencies as well as community Groups and Organizations to support Law Enforcement in this legally required solution to STOP the advertising of Child Pornography on the Internet to PROTECT the mass Internet population from charges of possession of Child Pornography as well as for the welfare of children.  It is an unprecedented opportunity for Law Enforcement Agencies to fulfill their legal obligation to "serve and protect" without costing their Agencies financially.


FACT #1:  Internet Service Provider Blockers do block pop up ads, but they write the Child Pornography to the hard drive and there the photos remain without the knowledge of the user.

FACT #2:  It is a criminal offense to be in possession of Child Pornography and under the law of "probable cause" innocent Internet users who utilized their pop up blockers are being arrested and incarcerated because Law Enforcement Agencies lack proper funding in order to perform a complete analysis.  It is estimated that in 2008 alone over 200,000 innocent Internet users have been incarcerated for possession of Child Pornography.  (Their only true crime; they failed to properly fund their law enforcement agencies.)

FACT #3 It violates Federal Law to advertise Child Pornography and is an absolute outrage  to all that constitutes civility in any Nation to allow Child Predators such easy access to horrid websites being hosted here in the United States endangering EVERY Internet user to criminal charges.                                

"Operation Take Back": "Amending the current Search & Seizure Law" was devised to assist Law Enforcement Agencies with an immediate means of gaining funding to combat Child Predators to PROTECT innocent Internet users from charges of possession and for the welfare of children without raising taxes.  Please see details listed on this website. 

*Fining Internet Service Providers for failing to assist Law Enforcement Agencies in their investigations of Child Pornography was presented in July & August of 2006 to all Senators and State Representatives, it was eventually picked up by Senator John McCain. 

John Walsh, of America's Most Wanted has for years proclaimed to support Law Enforcement Agencies in their endeavors of combating child predators, yet for nearly three years we have sought his support for these Law Enforcement Agencies and requested his assistance for Senator Nancy Schaefer, in the legally required solution to STOP the advertising of Child Pornography, yet John Walsh has not responded.  

The current level of hatred and distrust towards Law Enforcement Agencies defeats the purpose of the well being of the entire population.  I personally find it particularly distressing that  Arnold Bell, Director of the Innocence Imaging Program for the FBI in Washington, D.C. has for years, REFUSED to uphold Federal Laws to protect innocent Internet users from charges of possession (for those of you who are not familiar with the Laws of our Nation) - he  swore an oath and is required by law to STOP the advertising of child pornography in order to uphold current Federal Laws, and to protect innocent people from criminal charges such as yourself. (please refer to Federal Laws 18 U.S.C. 2251, 18 US 1462 and 18 U.S.C. 2252A inclusive of CPPA 1996) FBI Washington, D.C. (202)439-5320.  When Law Enforcement Agencies such as the FBI refuse to uphold Federal Laws and protect innocent people from criminal charges; "we the people are responsible" and must hold them accountable for their lack of action.

We invite you to encourage your local Law Enforcement Agencies to come together in camaraderie with these Law Enforcement Agencies listed here on this website in upholding Federal Laws to stop the needless public endangerment and to adhere to their sworn oaths to serve and protect by endorsing the legally required solution to stop the advertising of Child Pornography at no financial cost to their agencies with tremendous benefits to the public at large.  






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* THIS WEBSITE IS UNDER GOING CONSTRUCTION we are aware that not all of the community support is listed,  and we are aware of    minor technical difficulties.  If you need to reach us please send e-mail to - thank you for your patience.   AACP

Angels Against Child Predators, Inc. is a federally registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization.  After nearly three years of the Founder providing 100% of the funding for this Organization and all costs involved, the need has arisen to request the generosity of private donors, corporations and community groups to provide funds to underwrite our administrative costs inclusive of but not limited to education, marketing and promotional advertising activities.  All donors who donate $10.00 or more will receive a charitable tax receipt.

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